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Below are some useful links and helpful suggestions:

AAMC Debt Manager. This is a great guide to loans and repayment options. It’s long and can seem confusing, but it’s very much worth reviewing periodically between now and the end of medical school, so that the terms and information have time to become familiar. Focus on the PSLF-eligible repayment plans (PAYE, REPAYE, IBR, and ignore anything which has to do with “ICR”) because almost all of you should start out assuming you’ll be eligible for PSLF starting in residency.

Our Student Loan Basics page. There are presentations which will walk you through more details of student loans than in our webinar.

Sample list of salaries at various residencies at hundreds of programs. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a higher salary is always best. There can be big difference in things like the cost of health insurance, state/city taxes, housing, and overall cost-of-living. This can make lower paying programs a better deal than higher paying programs, depending on your specific details.

Medical Student Loans, a book recommendation. Lot’s of good information in an easy to read book form, at a decent price.

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