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Introducing Valerie Bock

Joining the Team


Here at Doctored Money, we like to think of ourselves as capable of tackling almost any question you may have the patience to send our way. At the very least we try to prepare ourselves and be versed on most financial situations which affect you.

To that end, we are happy to have Valerie Bock join us to better educate everyone (ourselves included) on employee benefits. She has previously helped us provide employer benefits education via our in-person presentation materials and we are excited that she is now officially on our team!


A little about Val

We thought that you would like to know a little about Valerie. She has extensive experience as an Employee Benefit specialist and has been working in benefits for a long time. For perspective, when she started, 401(k) plans were just getting underway and most employers didn’t charge their employees for health insurance. She has spent time getting to know about and educating others on all types of benefits including group health, dental, disability and life insurance along with retirement and other benefits. Importantly, she has direct experience working with physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Her two cats, Charlie and Pippa, let her live with them. She enjoys golf and plays as much as the Minnesota winters allow. She has an affinity for cereal and has been known to pour a bowl at any hour of the day or night. We are excited to have her as part of the Doctored Money team!