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Hello NYU!

We have put together this website, and this page specifically, to get you started. We have listed some resources below that will be especially helpful at this stage of your training. We promise that this stuff is easier to understand than your EMR training was.



Our Presentation

Here is the pdf of Sotirios’ and Dalton’s talk from April 8, 2019. Review it to see what you’ve forgotten! 


New forum for follow-up questions!

Remember, you can go to www.doctoredmoneyforum.net to log-in and ask us any financial questions, anonymously.


Student Debt Resources

Visit our Student Debt page to get the basics on federal student loans, loans calculators and sample scenarios. The REPAYE vs PAYE calculator for PSLF is there too.


Tax Information


Salary Data!

We have lots of other good tax information (like how to fill out your W-4!) on our tax page. And despite the title, the Taxes for New Interns page is a great primer on taxes in general, with a line-by-line walk-through of only the lines on the 1040 most relevant to residents. Even if you never prepare your own taxes, you really must have a solid understanding of taxes, because it will affect ever future financial decision you make. 

How do house staff salaries compare around the country? We've collected 2018-2019 salary data. Compare yours. And help us out if you know others who can supply missing information.



We didn't have time to discuss investing in detail during the orientation lecture, but we have a recommendation on great reads to get you started. Investing is essential for you to become financially independent and not have to work until you die. And here is specific example of fees in one of NYU’s 403b plan (not necessarily yours)….Can you find the fees? Look for the "net” annual operating expenses. Can you find the “Target Retirement” series of mutual funds that most of you should be investing in?


Insurance info!

GO HERE to learn about life and disability insurance.


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Last but not least, subscribe to our blog. We primarily use the blog to let people know when we put new resources or updates on the site.