Welcome CUMC Students


Hello CUMC students! We hope you learned something during the medical student financial session! Here are the slides from the session, in PDF format. Feel free to download them and transport them around the world!

We know that the session was something of a whirlwind, and we couldn't even begin to touch on the many topics that you should be familiar with as a medical student. The session was designed to give you a good kick in the pants and inspire you to continue learning! We have included some useful resources below to get you started and there are many more as you explore the website.

And as a parting thought: A wise man once said that if you want to more education like this at the medical school level you must demand it! So make sure you talk to your mentors and ask them about salaries, talk to your faculty about your loans, and most of all talk to your friends about financial topics! Remember, medicine might be your calling but being a doctor is also a job. You need to know how it will affect your finances!

And remember to tell your friends about Doctored Money!


The Presentation

Here is the PDF of Dr. Keros' talk that he gave at previous sessions. Review it to see what you’ve forgotten! 


Student Debt Resources

Visit our Student Debt page to get the basics on federal student loans, loans calculators and sample scenarios. The REPAYE vs PAYE calculator for PSLF is there too.


Tax Information

Here is detailed info on taxes for new interns that will help you get an idea of what the future will hold in residency. We have lots of other good tax information (like how to fill out your W-4!) on our tax page.



We didn't have time to discuss investing during the session, but we have a recommendation on a great read to get you started. Investing is essential for you to become financially independent and retire.


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