Tools and Calculators

We Have Tools!

We have several (hopefully) useful tools and calculators here at DOCTORED MONEY, most of which you can use right in your browser. They are listed below with brief descriptions. 

Simple PSLF Payment and PAYE/IBR Cap Calculator -- Figure out your monthly payment. Also, displays your "cap", and the income at which you'll reach this cap. Also useful for determining whether you have the "partial financial hardship" needed to enter PAYE/IBR.

Federal vs Private Loan Refinance Calculator -- The only calculator we know of specifically designed to compare federal loans to private loans.

PSLF Payment Tracker -- Downloadable Excel spreadsheet to keep track of eligible payments and other data. You'll absolutely need a "from-day-one" record if your PSLF-eligible loan payments are miscounted by your servicer. Unfortunately, it happens often. Each undercounted payment can cost you thousands in lost forgiveness.

PAYE/IBR vs REPAYE Loan Forgiveness Maximizer -- Enter your loan info and estimates of current and future income for you (and/or spouse) to evaluate which plan is best for PSLF. Also does a married filing jointly vs separately analysis.

Weighted Average Interest Rate Calculator -- When consolidating, your existing loans will be collapsed into one loan (or two if a mix of subsidized and unsubsidized loans). Use this to find your new rate.

IRS Tax Withholding Calculator -- Use this tool to see how the allowances you list on your W4 will affect your take home pay.

Social Security Benefit Calculator -- Enter your past earnings and estimated future earnings to figure out what your benefit will be based on the age you stop working, and the age you start collecting.