Who We Are

Where We Started

This organization was founded in response to a medical student research project at Columbia University which revealed a profound lack of knowledge among medical students and residents in personal finance.

The project also showed that there was a perceived lack of unbiased resources that medical students and residents could rely on to increase their financial knowledge.

Our founders spent time simplifying dense material to create this site in order to fill that knowledge gap. They also took many pains to avoid the many conflicts of interest that accompany financial advice, although being completely conflict free is impossible.

We hope you find the site enjoyable and informative; at least as informative as that lecture you had on Sonic the Hedgehog in first year.



Dalton Haslam MD

Co-Founder and Site Director

Dalton attended medical school at Columbia University in New York City and is currently a second year resident at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore in Pediatrics. He grew up in San Diego with a father who often gave Sunday afternoon whiteboard talks on the evils of credits cards and the importance of maxing out your 401(k) contributions. He enjoys surfing the web for new budgeting tips and has a special interest in behavioral economics and finance. His favorite philosopher is Bill Watterson.


Sotirios Keros MD PHD


Sotirios is an Assistant Professor in Pediatric Neurology (formerly at Sanford Health and the University of South Dakota will soon return to Weill Cornell Medicine in Manhattan). He has been providing free financial education to health care professionals for 15+ years. He is a self proclaimed Boglehead who once contributed to his blog on personal finance, medicine, and medical education. He is also a licenced tax preparer and financial planner