Tutorial for IBR/PAYE vs REPAYE and MFS vs MFJ calculator

Video walkthrough for our PSLF optimizer tool (IBR/PAYE vs REPAYE and also MFS vs MFJ analysis).

Minimize payments and maximize PSLF!

We have a video tutorial for how to use our PSLF maximizer tool, which you can use to help select between IBR/PAYE and REPAYE, and also figure out whether you might benefit from filing separately if you are married. Also, we have a video to explain REPAYE interest subsidies.

The first video is an example using a single borrower (and which everyone should watch first).

The next video is an example of a married borrower with spousal income, the help illustrate MFJ/MFS considerations.

The third video shows how our tool can help you calculate your REPAYE interest subsidies, which are yours to keep REGARDLESS of PSLF!

Click the icon at the lower right to expand the windows for easier viewing.


Here is the first video…


Here is the second video!


Video Three! REPAYE subsidies…yummy.