Columbia Financial Lecture

Here are the slides (PDF) from Sotirios's talk given on September 19, 2019.

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Student Debt Resources

Visit our Student Debt page to get the basics on federal student loans, loans calculators and sample scenarios. The REPAYE vs PAYE calculator for PSLF is there too.

Tax Information

We have lots of other good tax information (like how to fill out your W-4!) on our tax page. And despite the title, the Taxes for New Interns page is a great primer on taxes in general, with a line-by-line walk-through of only the lines on the 1040 most relevant to residents. Even if you never prepare your own taxes, you really must have a solid understanding of taxes, because it will affect every future financial decision you make. 


We have a recommendation on great reads to get you started. Investing is essential for you to become financially independent and not have to work until you die. And here is specific information about the NYPH 403b. Can you find the fees? Look for the "net expense ratio".  There is no need to select any investment in this plan with an expense ratio above about 0.15%.