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[Note, this page was updated on July 2nd with some additional information for both interns, residents, and fellows.]

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Below are some additional financial resources to build on the short lecture given by either Dr. Dalton Haslam or Dr. Sotirios Keros. Your financial education is a lifelong endeavor and a 20-minute talk certainly does not cover but a small fraction of what you need to know.

We have put together this page/website to get you started. We promise that this stuff is easier to understand than your EMR training was, and probably more helpful.

If you have questions which you can’t find answers to, feel free to ask them in our Discussion Forum.

And please share our site (facebook, email, twitter, carrier pigeon, etc.) with any other medical professionals who can benefit, and help us advocate for an embedded financial literacy curriculum within medical training!


Ten Critical Moves for Interns

To start check out this blog post about some critical financial items you should take care of today. PGY-1?Interested in PSLF? CONSOLIDATE NOW (after educating yourself to ensure it's appropriate for you of course). 


The Presentation (intern focused but pearls for all)

Here is the pdf of the orientation talk. Review it to see what you’ve forgotten! 


Student Debt Resources 



Tools and Calculators

Visit our Student Debt page to get the basics on federal student loans, loans calculators and sample scenarios. The REPAYE vs PAYE calculator for PSLF is there too. Also, get in the habit of downloading your "National Student Loan Data File" (available at the button at the bottom of this page) on a regular basis, and also documenting the date and amount of EACH monthly payment you make which is PSLF eligible (do not rely on your loan servicer to keep correct records).

We have a PSLF Loan Payment Tracker. You'll need to keep a record of every payment and other details on your loans. Unfortunately, there are times when the servicer misses some of your eligible payments. Each missed payment can cost you thousands in lost forgiveness. Keep your own proof!


Tax Information for interns (but W4 page is good for all!)

Here is detailed info on taxes for new interns that elaborates on the orientation lecture and is an outstanding general resource for understanding tax issues and the tax forms which apply to you. We have lots of other good tax information (like how to fill out your W-4!) on our tax page.



There were lots of questions on disability insurance. Check out our FAQ pages for both life and disability. Additional questions?




We didn't have time to discuss investing during the orientation lecture, but we have a reading recommendation get you started and an on-line source for further learning. Investing is essential for you to become financially independent and retire. And here is specific information about the NYPH 403b. Can you find the fees? Look for the "net expense ratio".  There is no need to select any investment in this plan with an expense ratio above about 0.15%.


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