House Staff Salaries

The Data

[These numbers are for the 2018-2019 academic year. We have no immediate plans to update these numbers, due to the massive amount of work it took to compile this info individually from many hundreds of programs. In addition, there did not seem to be much of a demand for an aggregated list like this. But if there are any individuals who are interested in helping us, we would be delighted to continue to provide updated salary data for programs around the country.]

This project was borne from the frustration that comes when trying to compare the financial benefits among residencies. Quality of training is important, but so is compensation, particularly for those entering lower paying specialties.

The spreadsheet below displays the partial results of our ongoing survey on 2018-2019 GME salaries and availability of an employer retirement account and match. A 401k/403b plan can be very helpful for those pursuing PSLF. Given that so very few programs have a match, we realize that this particular question might be considered cruel.

To our knowledge there is no other place where this information is collected and presented in such a transparent, convenient way. We hope you find it useful, or at the very least, interesting. The AAMC maintains averaged data, which can be viewed here. But averages don't really help anyone, given the variability between programs.


How to Use It

Each tab on the workbook represents one specialty and its associated programs. Scroll through the tabs with the arrows at the bottom-left, and then scroll down to the program of your choice. Note that not all specialties and institutions are listed, although we know we got ALMOST all of them. Programs are listed from highest salary to lowest, with programs not yet listed at the bottom.

You may need to scroll to the right to see all of the information. The final column is "Comments". If you scroll past that, you have gone too far. Note, sometimes it can take a moment of the data below to load.



Missing Information

Please help us with missing or erroneous information. We depend on individuals to maintain this data. Note also that this data currently represents allopathic medical residencies only. You can easily provide salary information for your program, if missing or inaccurate, by completing this two-minute survey, or simply email us the information.



No information is truly complete without a good disclaimer. Our disclaimer is only mediocre, but here goes. First, these [editor: this?] data cannot be sold, shared, edited, re-compiled or otherwise distributed without the express permission of DOCTORED MONEY. This information is for the benefit of medical students and doctors in training across the United States and will remain free to all.

Secondly, there may be errors, despite our best efforts. Remember that salaries do not represent all of the "compensation" that programs give. We will eventually attempt to list certain aspects such as housing allowances, meals, etc. in the comments column, but such things are hard to list and quantify. Other items like the cost/quality of health insurance, vacation days, sick days, etc. are also very important and not directly addressed here, but may be covered by us in a future survey.

If you are basing training decisions off these data you should take the time to flesh out and verify program information yourself. Just because something is on the internet does not make it truth (although we do appreciate the vote of confidence).