Additional Student Debt Resources

More Resources

Below are some other tools and advice we have created and a few of our favorite resources that are already out there. Explore them and see what you like!


Sample Loan Scenarios and Repayment Advice

We have tried to create a few basic demographic categories and tell you what loan repayment plan will best help you out.

Go to the page, find the scenario that matches your demographics and situation, and see which repayment plan works for you!

It is full of assumptions, caveats, and general "follow at your own risk" statements. We think you will love it.


Education Debt Manager from the AAMC

The AAMC has created an excellent resource detailing all of the specifics that go along with students loans with tailored advice to graduating medical students.

If you are a medical student, resident or have student loans you definitely need to check it out.

So turn down the lights, fill yourself a glass of something warming and settle in for some awesome debt talk.

Glossary from StudentAid.Gov

Need a glossary of terms? has you covered. Check it out.


Loan Repayment Calculators

MedLoans Organizer and Calculator (MLOC) - You can import your loan data right from NSLDS and although you need to be a member of the AAMC, if you are a medical student or residents chances are that you already are a member!

The repayment estimator on is also excellent. It can also directly import your data using your FSA ID.

Check them both out and see which one you like!

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