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Announcing our new Disability Insurance FAQ!

What more to say?

The title of this blog post says it all; yet, we can’t refrain from saying a bit more. We have created a new, unbiased, comprehensive resource for disability insurance information, which can be found on our new “insurance” page.

We feel that almost every physician should have a private disability policy, which should be purchased (at the latest) by the end of training. However, it’s daunting to shop for disability insurance due to unfamiliar terminology and a wide range of policy types and options which are offered. In addition, disability insurance is important but it is not always cheap, and this causes anxiety for those researching policies. It doesn’t help that people selling disability insurance can make nice commissions and can frequently seem “pushy”, which can lead to suspicion about their suggestions. So make our FAQ page your first stop and arm yourself with knowledge. Please let us know if you have any questions!


No Conflicts

Important note: Doctored Money does not have a financial relationship with any insurance companies, agents, or advertisers. Also, no one at Doctored Money is an agent/broker, or licensed to sell insurance, nor has any particular credentials or formal training in insurance. We are not making direct recommendations to you, but providing education and offering our opinions about the pros/cons of various issues related to disability insurance.