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Student Loans, a Book Recommendation

Student Loans
by Ben White

Some of you may know Ben White; he writes a personal blog that covers various topics such as medicine, physician finances, and the occasional walk into physician wellness. He is a great writer who specializes in concise writing that delivers meaningful information. Check out Nanoism for lessons on how to make every word matter.

Ben has written two very good books on student loans. The one most applicable to you (most likely) will be Medical Student Loans: A Comprehensive Guide. If you want a more general outlook (or you didn’t go to medical school) on student loans, check out the companion title Student Loans: A Comprehensive Guide. They are both available through Amazon in Kindle format. We have enjoyed both books, which are short and to the point, yet fairly comprehensive. We would write a review, but any time reading our review would be better spent reading the books.



We would be remiss if we didn’t include a disclaimer. The books aren’t groundbreaking (except for the fact they were written in the first place!) and as Ben says himself, you can find all of this information online, including a lot here on our site, through the all powerful Google. But if you are willing to skip out on one Shake Shack burger (In-N-Out is better anyways) and buy his book, it does put a lot of student loan information in one place. We should also say that Ben does link to some of our DOCTORED MONEY content (thanks Ben!). That being said, we are not making any money when you go and buy those books (nor from any content on this site), but if Ben gets famous, we’ll get famous too by association. We can only dream. If you want anymore useless disclaimers go check out our official disclaimer page


Other Fun Facts

We stumbled onto Ben’s work online during our perpetual search for resources on students loans and financial topics affecting those in medicine. One of his hugely informative posts is on loan consolidation when graduating. He also has an eye for design and aesthetic appeal. Seriously, his blog is beautiful. When we were re-designing our own site he suggested Practical Typography by Matthew Butterick, which is one of the most inspiring design books we’ve ever read. We know it’s not about finance, but we try to be renaissance people around here (life is about balance).

Moral of this post?, Go check out Ben’s books or go buy a Double-Double, fries, and a vanilla-strawberry shake. And also: design matters.


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