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Free Stuff! Student Loan Books!


We know a free book on medical student loans isn't necessarily high on the list of things that make you say "Yippee!!", but these books are dang good. Ben White is a talented writer...where does he find the time? While we have a ton of great material regarding student loans and PSLF right here on our site, sometimes it's nice to settle into a chair and snuggle up with an actual, real, tangible book. Besides, some people are book learners rather than web learners.

We have read "Medical Student Loans" and it's the "book we wish we would have written", but we didn't, because we were too busy choosing colors and fonts and arguing about other such details for this website. The books are free to download from Ben's website for another month, and are also available on Amazon for $3. Note that we don't have any direct relationship with Ben, but we have occasionally shared ideas and knowledge and are e-friends. Hi Ben!

P.S. We fibbed when we said these are tangible books. Electronic format only. Don't believe everything you read.