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Introducing the Blog

We here at DOCTORED MONEY have been debating the best way to keep our extensive fan base apprised of our many machinations and improvements which are constantly occurring here at home base. While that previous sentence may exaggerate the number of updates and new information we are able to churn out, we have nonetheless decided to set up a blog to document our sometimes inane musings regarding physician finances.

The posts will mainly focus on new content we are adding to the site or renovations of current content that has been in need of a face-lift. Posts may also delve deeper into topics that we feel need further explanation or that we have received many questions on. And in the spirit of full disclosure we reserve the right to post anything that tickles our fancy, from opinions on the relative benefits of intermittent fasting to philosophical discussions on the necessity of a sensory deprivation tank to Eleven accessing the Upside Down.

We hope that you will find the periodic updates useful and the posts informative if not always entertaining in the classical sense. Be sure to subscribe to the blog with you RSS reader of choice (my personal favorite is Feedly) or simply sign up to receive an email whenever we post. 

As always, please let us know if you have suggestions or questions about any topic or life in general. We are always happy to pontificate on the mundane. 



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