Federal Student Loan Repayment Calculator ('Old' IBR vs REPAYE)


[Note, this calculator assumes you are only eligible for 'Old IBR', and compares Old IBR to REPAYE. Before using the calculator on this page, make sure you are not eligible for PAYE. Because PAYE is ALWAYS better than any flavor of IBR, and thus there is no need to think about IBR if you have PAYE as an option. In which case you should use our PAYE VS REPAYE calculator instead.]

Feel free to read the instructions on this page, but many will find our video walkthroughs helpful and you may want to start with those.

Use the spreadsheet below to see how your loan payments, loan costs, and loan balances are affected by changes in your (or your spouse's) income under the IBR and REPAYE plans. 

Enter your data in the white boxes. Start with your total loan balances and average (weighted) interest rates broken into subsidized and unsubsidized loans. We have a calculator to help figure out totals and weighted average interest rates. Then enter your family size and estimated/projected Adjusted Gross Incomes for up to 10 years.

The graphs and charts should auto-adjust as you enter data, but there might be a delay of several seconds before they are updated, especially at first. Leave “Spouse AGI” at “$0” for all years if you are not married (or not planning to get married). Scroll down to see all of the results.



This spreadsheet is meant only to illustrate general principals and we make no warranty as to the accuracy of any of the calculations. While we believe it to be accurate, there are some simplifying assumptions made which may not apply to you.

For example, the same family size is applied to all years in the chart. Also, if you have subsidized loans, you are eligible for subsidy with IBR, but we do not account for those in our calculations.

This spreadsheet is free for individual use and for use by student financial aid offices but cannot be shared or reverse engineered and the copyright is reserved by the founders of DOCTORED MONEY.